Friday, July 1, 2011

Detachment: Paving Enlightenment's Path

I realize that the journey to where I am both personally and professionally has been a gentle coaxing into the realm of detachment. This is not to say that I have entered a sphere of not “giving a damn”. This is a mandate of surrender that calls on all souls navigating their road to enlightenment in order to reduce and ultimately eliminate our human tendencies toward hanging and clinging.

Whether an item, a person or a concept, spiritual illumination requires the serenity of surrender…to allow all of creation to simply “be”.

I would be remiss in leading anyone to believe that this is an easy undertaking; it is not. But as a witness to the process, I find that my choice to detach from the attention my ego demands has produced copious amounts of peace within me and without.

It is also important to understand that neither detachment nor surrender suggests that we are exorcized of all compassion. Quite the contrary. By our release of a thought, idea or person, compassion becomes a vivid display. It is an act that relieves the chokehold that is imposed upon your surroundings. You still care; and subsequently you make room for the type of love that is neither emotionally compelled nor ego driven. It is the manner of resolve to which we should aspire. If you are willing to view the process through the lens of salvation, you will understand this process as a gentle and naturally selective undertaking.

You must take great care, however, to avoid “re-attachment” once you perceive yourself to be a master of this spiritual experience. The euphoria of your newfound freedom may consume you. You will want to tell others; and you will want it for them more than they want it for themselves. Therein lay the trap. Your well-intentioned enlightenment proselytizing will relegate you to the original battle with your ego and all of its demands.

It is the act of detachment that has helped me to understand the place and purpose I have in the lives of certain people within my circle. While the act of surrender in certain relationships has been painful, Peace is faithful to greet me with her love and grace on the other side of any disappointment.