Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dating Smorgasbord

“Variety is the spice of life”, a male friend recently said. It figures that a man would say that.

Have you ever watched a man serve himself at a buffet? Everything on the line is fair game for his palate.  And he can repeatedly return to the buffet line even though he is full and/or satisfied. Women who can do this are a rarity. I am not one of them and neither is Rose.

Rose’s adventures remind me of our experiences while dining at buffet-style restaurants. I hate buffets for a number of reasons:
1.       I don’t know where all of the hands have been;
2.       I don’t like eating in places where unruly and unmanaged children are gathered; and
3.       Most of these restaurants do not serve alcohol, which I require if I must eat with children.

Rose has too many “items” on her dating buffet. She has fallen for the idea that if she picks just one item and enjoys it too soon, she may miss out on something else. And if she puts too many items on her plate at once, she’ll be regarded as a “ho”.

There are items that she’ll never try: the married, the bi-sexual, and the swinger, to name a few. Then there are the items that look good but end up being either too sweet or too salty; the ones that have been on the line so long that they are either shriveling or charring; and the others that tasted okay despite a poor presentation and/or initial impression and remain untouched or unwanted on her plate.

I’d like to see Rose treat herself to my type of dining experience. I pay a little more for a high quality, but limited menu selection and exceptional service. I order one serving that encompasses all that I need from appetizer to dessert. Once the establishment gets to know me, I am taken care of without having to look at the menu.

And my server does more than refill my glass for their tip.

Lately, Rose has experienced difficulty in finding the humor in her dating adventure, so I must do it for her. Personally, I think her melancholy demeanor is associated with a man she’s met, but she’s holding that particular card close to her chest.
Stay tuned…