Friday, February 18, 2011


The life of the committed writer requires the occasional change of perspective; a sensory exercise that demands a change of scenery, geography, psychology, and/or spirituality. The inability or unwillingness to amend one’s perspective subjects the writer to a hovering canopy of stagnation that blurs literary vision. These intermittent modifications to one’s space and point of reference serve to revolutionize one’s craft.

Such a revolution is just over the horizon for me. My expectations are extremely high and steeped in reality. Soon I will be writing from another country.  I insist on the imminent and necessary changes in the choice of my words as well as the rhythm and tone of my voice. I look forward to the encounter between my perception and my reality.  

A number of persuasions will inform these changes:
  • The freedom from the self-imposed rigidity of my work schedule.  This time will be dedicated to my own literary pursuits; I promise to serve them well;
  • The magic of sharing this journey with a loving and enthusiastic companion. He has promised me surprise and intrigue. My soul will wear his every indulgence as a delicate, yet extravagant robe;
  • The panoramic palette that is our destination. The standard colorization of words will not sufficiently describe my surroundings; I expect hues in a new language.
  • The clamor of life moving among the people of my destination; minimally, but noticeably affected by a history and culture of  imperial imposition for which I will assign an apologetic view; and
  • An accounting of the surrounding sensory stimulation. The invasion of  familiar and unfamiliar sights, smells, sounds and contact are obliged to improve the quality of my narrative
I resist the temptation to abandon the present in favor of a mental escape disguised as an attempt at a cerebral reconnaissance mission. I have been lovingly warned against that. I am resolved without admonition or regret to enjoy these days of preparation. I have plenty to do to and much to learn as I prepare for my adventure. I insist on enjoying every moment.