Monday, February 21, 2011

A Witness and a Whisper: A Poem for a Monday Night

This poem is dedicated to anyone who seeks or has found "the One".

A Witness and a Whisper

Today, I witnessed true love in action;
the culmination of a decision made long ago:
to have and to hold—

She still has him,
and he still holds her
as their life together realizes its span.

Her love for him undermines her present pain.
He cannot disguise his concern; “how will I go on without her”?

As he holds her hand
he relives each kiss;
every compromise--
every time they argued
every time they made up.

The kids,
the pets,
the bills,
the life.
It has come to this.

Now he holds her in the only way he can
and she closes her eyes and smiles.
Peace blankets her knowledge of the future,
while her groom negotiates for more time.

True love whispered to me:
“there is enough of me for you in this lifetime;
I am a choice;
you must be careful –
and willing to wait”.

© 2010 Camille Gray. All rights reserved.