Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The End of the World (My Addendum)

There seems to be an inordinate amount of chaos in this world. Nature, it seems, is at war with man’s infrastructure and man is at war with himself. An invisible veil of spiritual protection is lifting. Yet I remain optimistic because I have witnessed incredible order emerge from periods of desiccated uncertainty.

Chaos is the necessary opposite of order. It is a component of our Ying and Yang. The only notion that is without an opposite is authentic Love.

You may be tempted to insist that the opposite of love is hate. And if I were speaking in terms of the type of love that is generated and controlled by the ego, then you would be quite right in your assertion. But to wit, the Love of which I speak does not rely upon the ego. It extends beyond the borders of what we call unconditional. It is Truth manifested; unfeigned by the rollercoaster that is our emotion. It can only exist in a life that is free from the cycle of a dominating ego. This love is the undisturbed reward for a wholly enlightened life. And it is ours for the Choosing.

I think about this unrequited state of being as I remember those whose world, as they understand it, has been changed forever, bent beyond recognition: my brothers and sisters in Japan, whose resilience is their formidable posture as they scour the remnants of their culture, restoring order to their way of life without the benefit of consequential mourning or self-pity; to the communities of the Mississippi River Basin, and the people of Joplin, Missouri, and countless others who are relying on their faith and fortitude to raise their lives and spirits above floodwaters and wind-driven disaster. And finally, to the parents of my former church family, who are enduring the unnatural chaos of burying their children.

This is not a time to brow-beat the masses with illusions of God’s wrath, or misinterpreted scripture. Nor is it an occasion for charlatans to preach maligned doomsday messages. It is a time for real Love to stand in the gap for its neighbors who suffer unimaginably. If your idea of love is wrought with conditions, the need for recognition or degenerate judgment, please excuse yourself from the malady of your neighbors; for you are the companions of chaos. The world and its citizens are fighting for their lives. Love, unadulterated and sincere, is the only suitable weapon for the challenges ahead, and it is a cannon incapable of mass destruction.

Choose and Be…Love.