Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Today I am remembering the best Mother's Day card I ever received. It was from my mother. In the midst of the challenges of a very trying year, she wrote in that card that she and I had become "friends". Her pronouncement means even more to me now. She is my best friend. And I am the luckiest woman alive.

My mother has shown me the difference between surviving and living. She has survived divorce and cancer...and she is living her best life. She is a gifted gardener and a loving grandmother. Everyone and everything thrives in her presence.

Today I am also reminded of those who must celebrate Mother's Day without their mothers. I dedicate my poem entitled, "My Mother Sleeps" to the memory all mothers.

Happy Mother's Day,


My Mother Sleeps

I walk softly through this life---
for my mother sleeps with the angels and Jesus.

I listen carefully,
through the echoes of my longing;
I want her here,
not there…

“Hush child”, she tells me,
“I am here and I am healed,
and you have work to do!”

Remember me, child:
my love,
my discipline;
my words when your head was hard---
my hands that softened your behind,
and broke your fall.

Walk softly, Child,
and let me sleep…
until we meet again.

© 2008 Camille Gray. All rights reserved.