Monday, August 8, 2011

A Deserving Inventory: Reclaiming Worthiness

I am a firm believer that every occupant of the planet deserves the very best that this life has to offer. Yet more often than not, I meet people who paint their worthiness with a broad brush of self-effacement, relegating their desire for love and prosperity to words spoken in abject sarcasm.

What gives you the right to assume that your Creator predestined you for something less than the best? Who are you to deny yourself a preeminent place in your own life, consigning yourself to misplaced insufficiency and humility? Who told you that you were, “not enough”?

I have found that anyone who suffers from even the slightest of esteem issues can trace their journey towards internal paucity to a moment in the early years of their development when they experienced the imposition of personal scarcity; when they were either told, or led to believe (or both) that they were simply, “not enough”.
Deprogramming the intrusion of a poor self image is one of many plotted points on the map of enlightenment. It is a necessary transfer of personal power in which the aggregate is emotional emancipation, cerebral clarity and the ability to charts one’s place and purpose in this life.

Affirmations of optimism must be appropriated to your psycho-social and spiritual inventories. Your internal dialogue must prevail upon all of the past channels of negative internal communication, providing the appropriate exchange for all of the insufficiency ever spoken to and over your being.

It begins and ends with staring down the voice of “not enough”; rewriting a life script that becomes the “aide memoire”; a constant reminder that you are worthy of love and prosperity and any other good to which you aspire. It also requires treating yourself better than you ever thought deserving or appropriate; the opinion of the rest of world be damned.