Friday, November 4, 2011

The Sway of My Voice

Over the past year I have given time and geography their liberty with certain matters of my heart. Both have served me well. The doubt and skepticism that once anchored my being have given way to a fresh perspective and a determination not to allow the past to have any more power than I have already surrendered. In fact, the past and the persons who once occupied that space of former time hold no power whatsoever.

Neither magic nor volition unraveled the defensive web that once spun around my heart. On the contrary, it is what I like to refer to as “my quiet cooperation with the Universe” that charts my present course; illuminating a pathway which promises me the gift of my deepest desires; to love and to be loved in the manner in which I am most deserving.

This time last year I was negotiating with the Creator with my lists, prayers and affirmations. Not anymore. I have learned the power of a simple whisper into the ear of the Universe, the value of waiting in confident silence; moving in an abundance of confidence; and watching with eternal gratitude the manifestation of my desires.

My constant challenge is to make certain that the desires of my heart are constantly aligned with the sway of my voice. It should be your challenge as well; so that when you tell the Universe that you want love and wealth, abhorrence and poverty are not inadvertently invited in; when you request health and creativity, your voice does not mistakenly petition illness and lack of originality; and when vision and intellect require consideration; your life is not contradicted by the imprudent visor of thoughtless expression.

Later this month, I will close the door on my 47th year of existence and open the door to the 48th.  I will enter another year with immeasurable gratitude and fully aware of the range and sway of my own voice. It will be a great 48; filled with the promise of love and prosperity; inspiration and well-being; as well as revelation and understanding. Because I say so.