Monday, August 30, 2010

Choices to Ponder


To anyone who finds themselves distracted or burdened by their present circumstances:

Whatever you face today, you may CHOOSE your way into a better life!

CHOOSE to be joyful (full of joy) regardless of another person's mood;
CHOOSE to do what is best for YOU; the affect of your decision(s) on another person is temporary, and may be just what they need to make their own overdue choices;

CHOOSE to accept who and what you are regardless of what society, family and friends think; this is tough but incredibly liberating...;

CHOOSE to see your goals and dreams in their full form until they manifest before you;

CHOOSE to do something each day to get you closer to your dream; once you can see it, it will not come to you, you must move toward it;

CHOOSE to be honest about ALL of the people who surround you; if they are a burden, unload them, no matter who or what they are to you. It is not fair of them to require you to carry the load of their bad intention(s) toward you, AND YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO CARRY IT!!!

CHOOSE to no longer attract what you don't want by continuing to dwell on it;

CHOOSE to live in the NOW, where there are no problems, no disappointments, and no battle with your ego;

CHOOSE to watch all negative manifiestations leave your consciousness as swiftly as they entered; do not entertain the negative by giving it your attention; acknowledge it, replace it with a positve action and allow it to move on;

CHOOSE to do one thing just for YOU, once EVERY hour while you are awake--no excuse!

CHOOSE to turn off your television if what you watch fails to feed your joy;

CHOOSE not to be a skeptic towards a new way of thinking; the truth is that for most of us what we've been doing is not working;

Today and the rest of out lives is what we CHOOSE to make it.