Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Serial Niceties

Lunch with the girls today.

Rose and our three friends swapped stories about the men they have recently met in person as a result of their online dating adventures.

The men varied in height, weight, looks, age and professional endeavors (one was unemployed, but I’m telling only one story at a time).

Despite the differences in their men, each woman shared this comment about their respective dates:
“He was so nice to me”.

What the hell? He is supposed to be nice! He is trying to get that ass!

Did you think he was going to take you out to dinner and punch you in the face during dessert? Cuss you out right before he kisses you goodnight? Discuss those outstanding CDV charges and current restraining orders before you invite him into your home and give him "some"?  Admit that he’s a serial killer?

To be certain, these issues may come out in time (and your ass better run!), but they aren’t likely to come out on the first date (if they do, your ass better run!).

Let me repeat: He is suppose to be nice! He is trying to get that ass!

There is a point to this…you know what it is…be careful out there.

Everything that looks good to you and is nice to you ain’t good for you.