Friday, November 19, 2010

In Love!

This week Michael Baisden was one of many media professionals discussing the fact that fewer people are embracing marriage. I listened to men and women calling into Michael's show, speaking through their anger and disappointment to announce that they are no longer interested in sharing their life with another person if doing so requires a marriage license.

It wasn't that long ago that I could have been one of those callers. For the past seven years I have been cynical and resistant towards the ideas of falling in love and ever being married again. My closest friends often joked that the man who captures my heart and meets me at the end of the aisle will have his hands full and will be lucky to have me as his wife.

So much has changed since the days when I allowed myself the bitterness that comes with having loved hard. My friends were right about me during those years, but thankfully I have allowed Time to do only what Time can do...heal my past, sort the truth from fiction and prepare me for my future.

The man who captures my heart will have his hands full only when he carries me; and he is Blessed, not lucky to have me.  He is every love poem that I have ever written. I will love him because:

He found me when I wasn't looking;
He was persistent as I reached the end of my resistance;
He said, “I love you" first and without my provocation;
He makes me blush;
He radiates authentic love whether we are together or apart;
He is the way I like my coffee (strong, sweet and black);
He can "suggest" without dictating; and
He does not snore! (one can only hope)

I never expected to write a blog like this, but I am thankful that I am able to do so. I am hopeful for anyone who desires to love again. Admitting that I wanted to love again was difficult, but not nearly as difficult as living in the confines of denial. Now I am looking forward to falling asleep in safe arms and waking up to a loving "good morning"...among other things!

There's hope for love if you want it. Let it will come. Selah!


Bodies at Rest
My head rests in the center of your chest
your heart still finding its resting rhythm
after sharing your body and soul with me.
A steady rise and fall--
it does not skip or flutter;
your pulse is mahogany and smooth
like the body on which my rhythm
now has its respite, waiting for more.

© 2010 Camille Gray. All rights reserved. 
Cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author.