Thursday, December 9, 2010


I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I prefer to use the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas for self-evaluation; then give my focus to the changes that require my immediate attention. To me, it seems to make more sense to enter the New Year with any changes well underway.

2010 will go down as the year that I finally embraced my authentic self and my true desires. I stopped explaining myself to others and demanded to have the allowances that I have extended over the years be applied to me.  Those who could not or would not accept me and my demands can no longer be found on my Facebook profile or in my cell phone or email contacts. And so it is.

This year I lost friends and loved ones through death or mutual disappointment. I am okay with that. I have allowed time and geography to help me heal. The infinite wisdom and balance of the Universe has blessed me with the friends who are still with me, while time and geography have honored me by giving me new friends and the hope of a genuine and satisfying new love.

This year I stopped trying to make sense of Love.  In doing so, I released myself from a bitter and mentally exhausting philosophical undertaking.   Love is a choice. I am prepared to make that choice.

Beginning now, I will continue my endeavor to spend more time “looking up”; taking note of the numerous reminders of the Creator’s presence. I will remember that this universe is a cyclical entity that will cease to exist if it becomes stagnant. The changes in our lives are a part of the sphere of progression.

I will celebrate the rain and wind; the sunshine and snow; the good days and the not so good.

I will invite other to join my celebration because I am not the island that I insist upon.

I will love passionately and fearlessly.  After all, there is no fear in love.

Like a lioness, I will know when to roar…and when to purr.

And I will enjoy EVERY step of the journey without being preoccupied with the destination.

For me, each change begins in this moment…


Right now.

And so it is.