Sunday, March 20, 2011


In just a few days, I will embark on an adventure that has “life-changing” as its reliable promise.  All that I believe to be true will finally have its confirmation. To that end, I will spend my upcoming week in a mode of decompression, emptying my mind of the last remaining remnants of anything that speaks to the past and any of its associated negativity. 

It will be a week of peaceful preparation. Stress may knock loud and often this week, but it will not be invited in. With a schoolgirl’s giggle and balanced excitement, I will remain present in the “right now”, while looking forward to my adventure.  I will let Love will have its unequivocal way.
With great care, I am packing literally and physically: every article in my luggage and each part of my psyche has a purpose on this journey. No “baggage” on this trip! I must take only what is required and carry with me the expectation of returning with so much more than my luggage, my mind or my heart could imagine.
My heart and my mind are happily and securely open…finally. Someone found the end of my auspiciously spun web, and with the gentle tug of strong and faithful hands, all that was fixed within me is now unraveled.
I am undone!
It is delicious!
I am so glad I waited; so happy that I did not settle.
I wish I could say that I look forward to returning home and writing about my adventure. However, I must stay in “the right now”. Besides, the end of this particular journey will find me temporarily separated from the one I love and I do not want poison my anticipation of our departure together with thoughts of our being apart.
Here’s to all that has love and faithfulness as its reflection. I celebrate the best that life has to offer.
Until I write again,