Monday, May 16, 2011

Substance Abuse

Everything that exists is formed of substance, the essence of the divine that manifests in all of creation as consciousness, albeit in varying degrees. To ignore, deny or under appreciate the substantive self is an act of self-mutilation.

These unintentional and largely involuntary acts of personal neglect occur in our busyness; in our attachments to time and tasks; to people and circumstances. We become so consumed with the specifics of life that we miss the present, the only moment in which our purpose is clearly defined and truly matters. 

These moments of unconsciousness are not without consequence. Unconsciousness wreaks havoc on the sensibilities of the individual and on all with whom they have contact. It takes its shape in manifestations of anxiety, suspicion and fear.

Happily, the remedy is a swift and measured application of order and discipline aimed directly at the ego. Once the ego is adequately challenged, chastised and relegated to its rightful place in the balance of the mind’s universe, peace dwells without opposition.

Recently, I lost sight of the present, allowing my ego to have its way without challenge. My focus on a few unexpected interruptions in the pleasant and satisfying fluidity of my life temporarily blurred my vision. I inadvertently made a savior out of a specific event in time; when that event did not occur, I was lost. Out of focus, disappointment shattered my resolve. Thankfully, a loving rebuke, the discomfort of my plight and my unwillingness to succumb to my ego’s manipulative persuasion, I am now cerebrally present and accounted for.

We hold our life’s “reset” button in our hands. If the peace of your rational presence is on the path of escape, you can immediately reclaim it by recognizing its occurrence. Once you are aware, ergo, conscious of your discomfort, you are cured, forgiven and disposed to move on; no longer a prisoner of the agenda of the ego but rather consecrated in the knowledge and vision of your purpose in the present.

You are a substance that should never suffer abuse. Self-harm does not exist in the present.

Be present.