Monday, May 16, 2011


The opinion that matters more than any other has pointed out that the substance of my writing, my posture and my voice have changed as of late. The Opinion emphatically states that reclamation is in order; that our relationship depends upon it. I had hoped that he would not have noticed my distress. But the Opinion notices everything. That’s why I love him.

The explanations (excuses) for my present mental waywardness have fallen on the Opinion’s deaf ears, largely because I attributed a considerable measure of my melancholy to the break in our connection, brought on by his extended physical absence. However, he wants no credit for my malaise, believing that no one should have that kind of power in the life of another person.  What the Opinion fails to understand is that wherever there is a connection, there is a complementary current. Unplugged, energy is diminished. At least that’s the way I see it. 

So, how do you manage the power drain in the absence of a significant connection?

During our separation, the Opinion directs our associated energy to his inward reserve, where it remains untouched and unspoken until his return. I, on the other hand, have in errantly given too much attention to my ego’s displeasure with our separation, the result being a stealth evaporation of my wit, acumen, and perspective.

I have forgiven myself and have relegated the ole’ ego back to its truthful, rather than vainly imaginative place. I can feel a measured return of my strength and a renewed capacity to harness all that is internally and intellectually required for my life’s immediate and forthcoming purposes.

I am grateful for the experience of the Opinion’s loving observation and accountability. My life is his welcome mat and, without the slightest reluctance, I rise from every challenge to meet him.