Friday, June 10, 2011


A few notable life markers are paving a crossroad I see emerging over the horizon that is my life. Later this year, a birthday celebration will coax me closer to 50. I will celebrate my 30-year high school reunion as well as my son’s 30th birthday.  And by all indications, my son will soon marry the woman who has captured his heart, and with that I will welcome her and her son, my first grandchild.

These milestones are the constructs of the shift that I have been expecting; the reason I surrendered to the glue that has securely fastened any meaningful progression in my personal life to the walls of the ardent success that I am currently experiencing professionally.  I have lamented to close friends that in the not so distant past my personal life has been in limbo; namely because I rely too heavily upon the actions of others. These days I see the balance of my personal and professional lives bending around its final corner.

To that end, I have some work to do. The paths of my crossroad possess certain equities; they are surfaced in love and in the willingness to do the work that love requires. The work and desire are superimposed across each splinter, fissure and fracture that have been the companions of my heart.  Now I must determine which manner of love being presented is concrete; set in what I require, not what someone else thinks I should have. Just because someone is presenting their best love effort does not mean that it is the best love for me. 

I will not settle for love for the sake of being loved. I insist on being loved my way and conversely, loving in the manner that speaks to the heart of my lover.

The light of my cooperation with this process will expose otherwise cleverly concealed ill intentions. And I will respond accordingly, without hesitation or regret.