Monday, July 18, 2011

Happiness by the Handstrap

In his audio presentation, “Moving Your Life from Ambition to Meaning” (, Dr. Wayne Dyer describes the human connection to the Creator as humanity traveling on a trolley (life), firmly holding onto the hand straps (the divine). This intimate connection ensures us that every stop, layover and companion along our journey are on purpose and on time.

Each day this concept becomes more meaningful to me. It is an instrument by which I am emancipated from the need to understand the entrances and exits of people over the course of my life; liberated from the need to understand the way things “ought to be”; and free from the speculation that accompanies the need to reconcile the unpleasantness of the people and circumstances of the past. It is a prelude to a personal declaration of independence; the pathway to the pursuit of genuine happiness and lifelong personal fulfillment.

Regrettably, it has taken some time for me to give myself permission to pursue my own happiness. I am fervently making up for lost time. To be clear, my pursuit is not a hedonistic rampage of unimaginable or unfortunate consequences. It is an adventure based on the understanding that my happiness is so much more than emotional idolatry or the chase of elusive, emotional highs that generally move faster than I do. On the contrary, I am genuinely satisfied with the realities and existential challenges presented to me each day.

Kurt Vonnegut (11/11/1922 to 04/11/2007) once said that, in general, people expend much more energy than necessary riding the massive waves of human emotion, rather than finding contentment in the balance of the middle ground. Through him, I am reminded that happiness is neither the opposite of sadness nor the sum total of one’s materialistic accumulation. Happiness is an often overlooked aspiration; properly measured in terms of realistic emotional expectation and in the pursuit of worthwhile goals and nurturing relationships.

The pursuit of happiness should never be a neglected or trivial undertaking. It is significantly more valuable than any routinely written and carelessly remitted paycheck of emotion. Happiness itself is the ornament of a prized end based on your connection to the Divine; not the embellished wrappings over the contents of a long list of things to do.

Hold on to the “straps” of the Divine as you meander the thoroughfare that is your life. Your happiness wholly depends on this profound and divine connection.