Monday, July 18, 2011

Rising Sediment-Regarding Casey Anthony

In nature, sediment is settled matter that rarely progresses beyond its appointed end. There are times, however, when lighter remnants of debris separate themselves from heavier particles and gather at the surface, littering the seemingly pristine contents in between.

A similar phenomenon manifests within the human spirit. Circumstances force carefully veiled and cleverly disguised attitudes out of the mind and onto the plane of revelation, where the truth meets self.  It is at this juncture where each of us is called to examine our hearts; to measure the true weight and remaining limits of smug declarations of our capacities toward compassion for the loved and unloved (of which there should be no distinction).

In the early hours of a Sunday morning that found our nation still without solutions to our debt and employment crisis'; and good people awaking to all manner of misery, Casey Anthony legally walked out of an Orlando detention center into the collective arms of a community wounded by what has been perceived as a counterintuitive verdict by a jury of her peers.  Self-identified “Christians” as well as other pundits, spiritual and otherwise, demonstrated with damning and obscene signs of their disappointment, some even stating that “god” gave them the orders for their profane behavior.

That Ms. Anthony has escaped punishment for whatever happened to her daughter is ultimately a matter for karma to adjudicate. It is best that we allow the universe its way in her life and concentrate on those things in our own lives that have the potential to make us unworthy of love and compassion. The abject hate directed at Ms. Casey has no place in the spiritual realm of our existence. Hate only serves to multiply a negative energy that is already exceedingly pervasive.

Where is the mercy and grace that invites Ms. Anthony to “change her wicked ways”?  It is easy to speak of grace and mercy; to negotiate with the Creator for a measure of compassion necessary to cover our own wrong-doing. But recognition of the need for that measure of dispensation upon an individual we deem to be undeserving is lost in the hypocrisy of the human existence. And for that we should be ashamed.

The judicial system has settled with Ms. Anthony’s…legally, that is. Ms. Anthony and her family need and deserve an intervention of spiritual fruit particularly from those who profess a relationship with the divine.

There should be no pleasure taken in this family’s estrangement and dysfunction. The destructive energy propelled toward Ms. Anthony as she walked to freedom will have an uninterrupted reverberation to those who allow hate to have its way. Conversely, the power delivered by the light of compassion is a gift bestowed by the Creator that exponentially changes the giver and receiver; and makes the Creator recognizable to those navigating the sediment of their lives.