Thursday, September 23, 2010

Standing Still

“Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?”
Ecclesiastes 4:11(KJV)

A friend of a friend reminded me
I can have all of my desires
I order my soul to stand still;
I summon Peace to my senses
I wait patiently for you.
In the meantime,
I have permission from the universe
to be joyful…
©2010 Pillow Talk. All rights reserved.

The days following the fall equinox marks nature’s gradual cooling from the climax of an exhausting and passionate summer sun; the prelude to the incubation which accompanies winter’s chilly, yet necessary protective layer.

This cycle can be observed from within; the measured ebb of daylight, a disposition much improved by the return of football season, as well as the ease of the oppressive heat of August; you are ready to put on a sweater and join nature in its march toward  hibernation, preferably in the company of love. Love bends behind hope and beckons our prompt response when it is recognized.

This fall finds me open to receive the love that I have pushed away for longer than I care to admit.  The idea of loving and being love has occupied a space of cold storage; a common occurrence when our history and choices bear witness to something the we identified as love turns out to be an imposter. This season will find me welcoming a lingering, authentic love.

His passion will be my favorite scent. I will be the only object of his desire. His voice will resonate the safety and security by which my ability to reciprocate is defined. When you catch a glimpse of us, you will think Song of Solomon” rather than the “same old song”. I will not chase him or his love down. I will stand still…and he will find me.


I am not lost—
but I want you to find me.
you asked me to stand still--
I am still standing—
© 2010 Cammie Gray. All rights reserved.